Cottontree Lodge

Cottontree Lodge – Punta Gorda Belize.

During our 2-week adventure in Belize, one of the 2 nights we stayed in the Punta Gorda area was 1 night at the Cottontree Jungle Lodge.  It’s around 10 – 5 miles out of town in the deep Jungle of Belize along the Moho River.   Most guest will stay 2 or 3 nights because of the remote location.  There are 12 – 14 individual jungle cottages built on concert stilts 10 feet or so above the ground.  The main lodge is a large thatched roof gathering area with a small gift shop, open dining area, bar and fireplace in the middle,.  Tables and chairs are scatter around for guests to relax, play cards, drink cocktails, read or connect into the WiFi,  spotty at best, plus the additional fee add-on per day.  Dining is served family style or buffet.  The path leading to the each jungle cottages is a raised wooden walk way with some of the lights lite.   Each individual jungle cottages is constructed from the native woods of the area.  This is true jungle lodge built out of the local wood materials of the area.   Floors are wood, furniture is made from the dark native wood and the ceiling is a thatched roof.  All jungles cottages have a nice patio area to relax and view the jungle.  Rooms are rustic and open with wood shutters to cover the open screened windows to supposedly prevent the bugs from coming in.  The beds are also draped in mosquito netting which is NEEDED.  Bathrooms have hot water and are also rustic with very little water pressure.  Each jungle lodge is 30-40 feet apart and privacy can be an issue if you don’t use the shutters. The lodge runs on a generator, so powering up phones, computers or any other electrical device, forget it.   Since this lodge is only 7-years old, it looks like it’s in need of some  updating.  Activities include kayaking on the Moho river, morning and evening birding tours plus local tours around the area.  Staff is friendly and most live in a small community a mile down the road.

Short comings: Leadership and management of the lodge. The owner/manager Chris seems a little tired with the day-today operation of the lodge or a little callus.  There is lack of focus to provide a consistent quality experience to every guest during their stay.  We met Chris during our stay, in the course of conversations over the 2-days we noticed a casual attitude with the way the lodge operates “it is,  what it is”.  The jungle cottages and main lodge are in need of a good scrub and clean.  Some of the bathrooms and showers we saw were in need of up-dating.  Meals were plentiful and good but lack presentation, a step above camp style serving.    Rooms have authentic charm but are rustic and acceptable, not romantic.  The staff is very friendly, courteous and genuinely tries to help create a positive experience. There seems to be a lack of appreciation for what the guests expectations are or should be verse what they get, over promise and under deliver.  I was not impressed based on how much they charge and what they deliver, a moderate jungle lodge experience at best..  Cottonwood Lodge – 3 Star moderate…..

Patsy James with Belize & Costa Rica TravelPOINTS just spent 12-days visiting 35 hotels and resorts in Belize.  During her stay she was able to review and familiarize herself with many hotels and resorts she has been accustomed to working with and visit some new properties her clients have requested.

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